They burn you with their radiant smiles
Trap you with their beautiful eyes
They’re broke and shamed or drunk or scared
But I hope they live forever

Their jealousy’s spilling down
The stars must stick together
We will never be rid of these stars
But I hope they live forever

"The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" by David Bowie (2013)


The other day marked an amazing milestone, five thousand followers! That’s three zeros and a five! To celebrate, I’m making a giveaway, because those are always fun to participate in!

To start out let’s go over the prizes-

First Place:

-Scouting Legion Cloak [Size is a fit for everyone]

-Scouting Legion Jacket [May be substituted from any faction]

-Key Chain Set 

-Necklace set

-Ring set

Only if you are following me- Mystery gift

Second Prize: 

-Your choice of two of the three sets [Key chain, necklace, or rings]

Only if you are following me- Mystery gift 

Third Prize:

-Your choice of one of the three sets [Key chain, necklace, or rings]

Only if you are following me- Mystery gift

Now for the rules… Yeah, I know, rules are really lame. 

- You do not have to be following me to win; however, if you are following me you get an extra entry, and if you win you will be guaranteed an adorable mystery gift

-The giveaway will conclude on October 25, 2013

-Winners must respond within 48 hours of being notified they won or their prize will be given to another

-Winners will be selected through a random number generator

-A reblog will count as one entry and a like will be another; however, remember if you are following me then you get another entry!

-I can ship internationally 

-If you are the first place winner than I will need to know your chest measurements for the jacket

-Winners will stay anonymous unless I’m told otherwise

I think this is everything…

Thank you again for everything, everyone, and I hope we all have much fun in the future! :)

Awesome!!! >u<


Mysterious Coin-Covered Wishing Trees

The strange phenomenon of gnarled old trees with coins embedded all over their bark has been spotted from the Peak District to the Scottish Highlands in the United Kingdom. One of the larger collections can be seen in the picturesque village of Portmeirion in Wales where there are seven felled tree trunks with coins pushed into them.

The coins are usually knocked into the tree trunks using stones by passers-by, who hope it will bring them good fortune. These fascinating spectacles often have coins from centuries ago buried deep in their bark, warped from the passage of time.

The tradition of making offerings to deities at wishing trees dates back hundreds of years and is similar to the concept of a “wishing well”, where one tosses a coin in for good luck. The “wishing trees” date back to the early 1700s in Scotland where ill people stuck florins into trees with the idea that the trees would take any any illness. However if someone were to take away any of the coins, legend states that they will become ill instead.

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My kitten gives me superpowers: Mary Sue, what are you? or why the concept of Sue is sexist


Looks like this essay was needed, so I went ahead and did it. Not sure I said everything I wanted to say, but I tried.

So, there’s this girl. She’s tragically orphaned and richer than anyone on the planet. Every guy she meets falls in love with her, but in between torrid romances she rejects…



Zhangjiajie National Park Forest

Narrow sandstone pillars, some over 650 feet high, fill the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, China. The park is one of several within the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cable cars and an incredible elevator attached to the side of a giant pillar are available to see the incredible sites. The surreal alien landscape and scenery looks like the set from the movie Avatar. This is not a coincidence.

According to park officials, photographs from Zhangjiajie inspired the floating Hallelujah Mountains seen in the film. One of the park’s quartz-sandstone pillars, the 3,540 foot Southern Sky Column (third picture), has been officially renamed “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.” 

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When I was there a honey-seller showed me her jars of snow-white honey, something that crept into my Sherlock Holmes story THE CASE OF DEATH AND HONEY. A really beautiful, haunting place.


In medieval culture, an event like a royal christening is not a private party; it’s the public social event of the year. To not invite any person of rank to such an event is a deadly insult.

Maleficent is certainly someone you wouldn’t want at a party, but she’s also someone powerful enough that only a fool would ever dare treat her with such blatant disrespect. The only way the King and Queen could possibly have gotten away with not inviting Maleficent was to not invite any of the fairies at all; inviting the other fairies and excluding her is explicitly taking sides in the conflict between the fairy factions.

Which means they made themselves her sworn enemies, and she responded by treating them as such from then on. If you actually get into analyzing the social dynamics of the scene, it’s very clear that Maleficent was willing to show mercy at first by giving the King and Queen a chance to apologize for their disrespect to her. She doesn’t curse Aurora until after she gives them that chance and they throw it back in her face with further disrespect.

And yeah, if the King and Queen had done the properly respectful thing and invited her, Maleficent would have given Aurora a scary awesome present. Moreover so would the other fairies, because at that point both sides would be using it as an opportunity to show off and one-up each other. What they gave her before Maleficent showed up was basically just trivial party favors by fairy standards.

Wow. I can just an alternative story concept happening. :D

Simply awesome logic!

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